Dancing With Girls Music video

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Dancing with Girls is about the solidarity of female friendship
— Anjulie - Songwriter

I'm happily heartbroken in the name of Canadian pop star, Anjulie, whose music remains timely & powerful.

'Dancing With Girls' was release on March 1st of this year, in conjunction with International Women's Day.  I'm lucky.  I'm an intersectional woman born into the privilege of a life traveling the globe.  I've had the great fortune to live abroad for the entirety of my childhood, so I cultivated an awareness of the interconnectivity of people, regardless of race or culture.  We are creatures of Community, and I'm so impressed by how Anjulie makes that concept so easily accessible in her music.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with these smart & driven feminist creators.

Dancing With Girls is OUT NOW!

Director; Lola Blanc

Dancers; Alex Marshall-BrownAlita LaShae, and Linda Chen

Camera Op; Devin SchiroEverett Lee-Sung, and Bryce Rankins 

Wardrobe/Makeup; Cherokee Neas and Caitlyn Hastings.  Thanks for making everyone look so beautiful!