How I'mma be a skater Girl?



I've gotta admit guys, I got my motorcycle license around the same time that I bought myself a longboard for Birthmas - and I'm addicted to this BOAAARD! Once I got my soul-bound crosstown swell-hound, I proceeded to avoid death on multiple occasions. More often than not, Death awaits navigating either steep declines, or a mere crack in the sidewalk.  Other times, one can draw blood from a poorly executed pivot.  This longboard has been the grim reaper's worst nightmare & GIVES ME LYFE!!  It's every escapist fantasy I've ever dreamed of.   

My new best friend is this slab of wood! - and we GO places! 

We've gone to Venice to skate the boardwalk.  Once, we skated to a different coffee spot each morning.  We're dating.  I love her.  He's dope - we're fluid. 

Bruce Lee taught us best, 'Be Like Water.'  Now...I can surf the land!  The containers may keep changing, but I ride the wave, I ebb, I flow, & I embrace my expanse.