PASSENGER LIST, Planoply podcast propels through Podcon

Passenger list - lauren shippen.jpg

Lauren Shippen, the writer & creator of The Bright Sessions, is co-producing and co-directing a mystery thriller podcast with John Scott Dryden & Planoply called PASSENGER LIST starring Kelly Marie Tran (from Star Wars Episode VIII; The Last Jedi)!!  She asked me to join the team, and you won't believe the wonderful places this story goes.

“Passenger List” is loosely inspired by the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  According to Dryden, this is a mashup of an Agatha Christie whodunit with a political thriller. Kelly Marie Tran plays a woman who lost her twin brother on the plane and decides to unofficially investigate. As she digs into each passenger’s story, the outlines of a global conspiracy emerge, permitting the story to circle around current issues as wide-ranging as Islamophobia and Russian election interference.

This podcast is currently in production, but I just wanted you all to know that it's worth keeping on your radar.