Magic Leap

Performance Capture, meet spatial computing.  

At L.E.A.P.CON I had the pleasure of working with Andy Serkis (Gollum of Lord of the Rings, and Caesar from Planet of the Apes). His U.K.-based motion capture house, The Imaginarium Studios, brought me in for the demo of their creative partnership with Rony Abovitz's Magic Leap, which superimposes 3D computer generated imagery over everyday real world objects.

Together they are exploring the world of Mixed Reality by blending real world performance art with augmented reality by virtue of Serkis' CG orc-like character, Grishneck.  Technology is finally able to leap from off of our screens and occupy three dimensional space in our homes.

The world of spatial computing is evolving, and I feel so charmed to be a part of that growth.

According to the Hollywood Reporter;
While the technology is still in a fledgling stage, Serkis expressed enthusiasm for the potential of augmented/mixed reality. “We now have a new way of experiencing story,” he says. “It’s the next generation of theater/cinema/event that we’ve been circling around for some time, and it’s finally emerging." 

Says Serkis: “As an actor, the process of creating a role emotionally, psychologically and physically, that will live in a mixed reality environment is no different to any other sphere of storytelling. The only exception being that your performance can live on in so many different iterations, which are yet to be decided. However, as a director capturing a performance for Magic Leap content is fascinating because you are offering up the story and yet the end user has total freedom as to how they will experience it spatially. It is entirely different to capturing for a movie, where you obviously have control over every aspect of the viewer's experience.”
~Hollywood Reporter


The Imaginarium Studios and Magic Leap have partnered to change the way people experience entertainment by capturing the magic of performance for spatial computing.

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