HALOLegendary Lootcrate Commercial

How many crunches am I doing in this video? The answer is a SLIVER of a fraction of the crunches I did onset!!

Oh, right! I'm Fireteam Apollo, & when Master Chief makes the call...you better be ready.

Thanks again Julian Higgins

What you are transitioning into is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Welcome to Fireteam Apollo.

Enlist Now: http://www.lootcrate.com/halo Featuring the voice of Steve Downes (Master Chief)

The Halo "Welcome to Fireteam Apollo" Directed/Edited by Julian Higgins (http://www.julianhiggins.com) Written by Peter Weidman Produced by Jamie Parslow, Julian Higgins and Holland Farkas.  In collaboration with Loot Crate, 343 Industries, & Microsoft Studios.