Brix & the Bitch - Final Cali Festivals (Catalina & Napa)


Two years ago my friend & feminist director, Nico Raineau, asked me to join him in creating a short female-driven fight film about love existing in an unconventional place.  He & I, along with Dre Swain & the Brix & the Bitch crew, went on a collaborative journey to make one of the most rewarding films I've ever had the joy to work on.  So, you can imagine my mourning pride as I inform you that our film is now retiring from her international festival tour.  Our last two screenings were here in California.  We won an Award for Excellence at the Catalina Film Festival, and closed the tour in the vineyards of the prestigious Napa Valley Film Festival.  In total we screened at 40 film festivals internationally and won 21 awards!  The success is in direct correlation to the passion, dedication, & talents of everyone involved.   

The Mourning & The Pride

All great things must come to an end, and although Brix & the Bitch may be a fictional narrative, the concepts within it are intimately grounded in our reality.  As I watch our little-film-that-could, especially post haze of our recent election results, I can't help but notice the topical relevance behind the story that we told.

We champion love that overcomes adversity, regardless of race or sexual orientation.

We empower women to be strong in a male dominated world.

We encourage Action to counter the forces that wish to oppress us.

Brix & the Bitch is a heart-driven reflection of the willpower necessary to face the world we live in today.  It affirms that yes, we may get beat up along the way, but ultimately our Love for each other & our belief in a better life must motivate us to fight past the struggles currently preventing it...

It is up to us to cleverly fight so that the world will accept us for who we are.

- - -

Nico did a phenomenal interview with Talent Monthly which acutely highlights this point;

"I believe in social justice, I believe in acceptance, and I believe that civil rights should prevail over bigoted political policies. If you want to see change in this world than it’s important to contribute positively, otherwise you’re not doing anything to make actual progress. "

~Nico Raineau, interview with Talent Monthly

To the Brix & the Bitch team, as well as those who've offered their admiration and support, thank you.

Thank you for collaborating.  Thank you for your friendship. 
Thank you for badass physical feminism.