The Bright Sessions - Episode #51 - Director Wadsworth

“Alex Marshall-Brown’s performance as The Bright Sessions‘s Agent Wadsworth is sharp, quick, cold, and collected. Marshall-Brown makes it clear to the listener why Dr. Bright would be intrigued by Wadsworth; she also makes it clear why Dr. Bright would understand what a threat Wadsworth is. Marshall-Brown fits seamlessly into the Bright Sessionscast while rooting the show more wholly into its more ominous undercurrents.”

— 2017's Best in Podcasts, Podcast Problems

In case you didn't know. I am Director Wadsworth.

It is my strange and unusual day that we cover after Rose's cataclysmic 50th Episode musical-dream-walking debacle.

Let's get back to the gritty of The Bright Sessions, people!

The team of The Bright Sessions 50th Episode takes you behind the scenes of our highly anticipated musical episode. Directed by Jon Sams.

I'm amazed by the talent & commitment of The Bright Sessions fans. There's some great fan art, episode listening parties (in both the US & Europe), as well as Discord forums (for Patreon members) to discuss their shared experiences online.  Below are some really cool pieces of art & opinion shared by some of The Bright Session fans.  Of course, I favor the views which highlight my villainous character.   The diversity of opinion & artistic stylings of our fans really moves me.  

Tumblr Artist contributors;

thefigureinthecorner, Alienpodcast, XaktheDrak, PabelandNine,

I'm sooooo excited by all the Wadsworth art that exists out there! I'd love to see more.

Discord Comments courtesy of;

Regan, Cobalt, balloonwhisk, LMichaela, spicy-bunz, ineed2beabetter, Turq8//Laurin, Slauthor, mercutiglo

Would you like to read the transcript of episode #51?  Then click the photo above!

Would you like to read the transcript of episode #51?  Then click the photo above!