Seven Moons - from The House: A HULU Halloween Anthology

Constructed from the wood of the Tree of Knowledge, The House moves through time and space, manifesting evil. Step inside its walls in this Halloween anthology series celebrating the horror storytelling tradition, from matinee chills to otherworldly terror.

In Seven Moons, the culminating piece in this anthology, a quest for fortune becomes a struggle for survival when a group of astronauts land on a harsh alien planet seeking seeds from the Tree of Knowledge.

It was an unforgettable experience when Hulu requested that I star as their captain in this sci-fi adventure thriller, Seven Moons.  There's suspense [intrigue!], MY hero's journey, & an invaluable fog machine.

The adventure does not end here.  Experience the story behind the astronauts' mission & explore a different planetary perspectives as you step inside The House's VR Extension,

The Tower.