Manifest - My R0DE REEL Contest

Manifest is a 3min sci-fi drama we submitted for My Rode Reel contest.  YES, a Contest!! There are $300,000 worth of quality microphone & film equipment on the line, so please VOTE and help us be a contender!  Voting ends June 29th!

As astronaut Dixon Wells prepares for a one-way mission to leave Earth, he recalls his last few hours on the planet and confronts memories he can't come to terms with.

Once you Vote, there's also a great behind-the-scenes video that will give you insights into our onset journey.

Directed/Shot/Edited - Leo Kei Angelos
Written - Leo Kei Angelos, Gabriel Caste, & Darren Bailey
Starring - Gabriel Caste, Michael Evans Lopez, Darren Bailey, and myself
Crew - James Poirier & Tyler Costill

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