SWORDS, MAGIC, & MAYHEM in Motion Capture


It was Incredible learning from The Mocap Vaults gurus, Richard Dorton & TJ Storm whilst training in the volume at Rouge Mocap!  

Swords, Magic, & Mayhem gave me a playground to incorporate my weapons & acting training, thus synthesizing them into a new and exciting medium.  I even got some practice conjuring soulful elemental spells before titular destruction ensued.  Blending dialogue, choreography, character, & safety all while mindfully delivering movements according to an animator's needs can be challenging - if you let it!  With more knowledge comes more self assurance.  I'm proud of the quality with which I pursue this work, and I'm grateful & elated to share another of my eclectic joys with you. 

Not a week after I finished training with The Mocap Vaults did I acquire a new mocap manager!  

Happy to join forces with A-Max Motion Capture Management.  They represent talent with a wide variety in skill sets, booking them in all aspects of the motion capture industry; video games, commercials, film, demo's testing, & trade shows.