Screening of Brix & The Bitch

There is a fair degree of trust that goes into making a film.  No matter how fervently one prepares for a role, there is still much left to interpretation by the contributions of the the cast, the director, the cinematographer, the editor, and the design team.  Any one person who does not share the common vision could jeopardize the film's intent & overall quality.  

A week ago Thursday, my dad joined me as I watched a film that I put my body, heart, and soul into.  I trained for this role, rehearsing choreography, & sculpting my body with the little  time that I had (still didn't feel like enough!).  During a very turbulent time in my life I made this film my first priority.  It gave me focus, and I found a calm in the work.  So, when I finally saw the premier screening of Brix & the Bitch, I had a chance to appreciate it from a completely different perspective. As an audience member, it was a treat to feel my dad flinch beside me.  He'd twist and roll out of the punches I received onscreen. I giggled listening to how the film struck a nerve among the people around me. I knew my contributions to the film, but now I could appreciate the little bits of genius contributed by my peers & respect their ambition in the creation of the final product.

Syncing and stitching the sound to launch your heart on an emotional roller coaster...using effects like slow motion to calmly reveal the poignant pain within the violence, then racking the speed in the other direction to launch into character intent & ferocity. The shots are beautiful, the performances sincere & invested.  This film astounds me, and I take great pride in being one of the many pieces to this beautiful cinematic puzzle.

Trapped in a seedy and illegal fight club, one woman's only chance for escape is a gruesome brawl against the one person she refuses to harm.

Twas an honor to work with you all, my friends.  You've each shared a gift with your time & your talents.

Nico Raineau - Director, along with Kristen Murtha & Russell Hadaya - Producers.  Leo Kei Angelos, Action Director. Starring - Dre Swain, Alex Marshall-Brown, David Carey Foster, Tim Storms, Carlos Foglia, & our team of phenomenal background friends.  John Gardiner - Cinematography, Scott Morris - Editor, Cody Blase Skully - Sound Design, Melissa Lyon - Production Design, Greg Townly - Musical Score, & Lili Kaytmaz - Make-up Artist.

Brix & the Bitch - Amfran Entertainment