Super Sentinel 5

UNITE - LootCrate Theme Video (Power Ranger's Parody)

I will follow Julian Higgins to the ends of the earth.  He's one heck of a director and a fantastic dude to boot.  Always a PLEASURE to work with my FRIENDS!!!  You all astound me.  

SUPER SENTINEL 5 is a shout out to the Power Rangers of the 90s, whom we all secretly (and not-so-secretly) adore.  It features; Dante Basco, recently known as the voice of Avatar's Zuko.  However, I know him best as the first movie star to ever win the love of my prepubescent heart.  Ever since Hook, Rufio could crow at my window ANY DaY!  Olga Kay, one of the Original Queens of YouTube.  Writers & fellow Sentinels Zack Finfrock & Peter Weidman - your brilliant minds tickle me to no end.  Again, you all astound me. 

It gives so much credence to a little something I've ALWAYS said;

"Work until your Idols become your Rivals - then just absolve the rivalry & get to the Friendship Shenanigans!" 

~Alex Marshall-Brown  (Yep. I say that ALL the time). ;-)

Everyone involved helped to make this piece of Awesome become a part of my world.  Thanx to each and every one of you talented Rapscallions!!

Don't act like you don't want that theme song.  It's the hot new ringtone!