AlexMB Photography

Yes, I'm an actor - first and foremost - but something you may not know about me is I'm also a photographer!  I document Family Stories and I specialize in Children's Portraiture! My approach is comfortable & intimate. I'm all about capturing the nuanced dynamics in your Family Story - no matter how intricate they may be.

I'm grateful for my history in children's entertainment. There was a time when I would dress as a faerie and be the life of the party at children's birthday celebrations. It was a great reminder of how to play with the open-minded verve of a child, while giving me an appreciation for a good family narrative. With children's entertainment I gained insights into family structures. I learned patient yet creative ways of playing with & inspiring the little people around me. I reveled at the chance to live in the imagination of our youth, & consequently, I'm continually amazed whenever I open my mind to a child's point of view.

So, send me your babies, your rug rats, your munchkins. Send me those snaggletoothed bundles of Love that warm your heart & cling to you each day. I'll give them a new perspective from which to see themselves, and I'll show you the world from their eyes.

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