Women's March Los Angeles 2017


Not one act of violence.

Remember the rush of exhilarating unity, love, and support?  The preservation of that feeling is the reason why we VOTE.  So Vote.  Vote not just for president, but for all branches of government.  Take your vote seriously.  That's the strongest way your WORDS will manifest into ACTION.

Wondering how to keep track of such a huge responsibility?  Let us help you.  

Women of Action LA (WALA) is a group of ferocious women activists barreling down this journey with you.

We are female-led & expanding nationally from our Los Angeles-based chapter. Inclusive of trans-women & all on non-binary femme spectrums.

This group is here for us to share information, share resources, get organized, and get active in every state we can! We focus on human rights, education, & environmental issues, with an emphasis on political involvement.

We'll march with you, we'll learn with you, and we'll get this country back on track for everyone - but most of all, with you.

We won't quit if you don't quit.


Indivisible-A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda


This will take you to the website where you can download the guide.

This will take you to the website where you can download the guide.

A group of former congressional staffers made a website and a google doc for people like us to gather and take action against trump. It's brilliant. At the very least, download it. This is the kind of self-education we need to make a difference. "The tea party had a lot of nasty tactics that were needlessly aggressive and petty and scary. But they proved it is indeed possible for a committed, relatively small number of folks across the country to make Congress listen to them and to slow and stop an agenda. "

“In real life it is always the anvil that breaks the hammer…”

In every conflict, it is not the side that can inflict the most damage, but the side that can sustain the most damage that ultimately prevails.

History is full of situations in which a military “won the battles but lost the war.” So, let's manage our expectations, and get our minds right for what's to come.