The Bright Sessions - Episode #51 - Director Wadsworth

“Alex Marshall-Brown’s performance as The Bright Sessions‘s Agent Wadsworth is sharp, quick, cold, and collected. Marshall-Brown makes it clear to the listener why Dr. Bright would be intrigued by Wadsworth; she also makes it clear why Dr. Bright would understand what a threat Wadsworth is. Marshall-Brown fits seamlessly into the Bright Sessionscast while rooting the show more wholly into its more ominous undercurrents.”

— 2017's Best in Podcasts, Podcast Problems

In case you didn't know. I am Director Wadsworth.

It is my strange and unusual day that we cover after Rose's cataclysmic 50th Episode musical-dream-walking debacle.

Let's get back to the gritty of The Bright Sessions, people!

The team of The Bright Sessions 50th Episode takes you behind the scenes of our highly anticipated musical episode. Directed by Jon Sams.

I'm amazed by the talent & commitment of The Bright Sessions fans. There's some great fan art, episode listening parties (in both the US & Europe), as well as Discord forums (for Patreon members) to discuss their shared experiences online.  Below are some really cool pieces of art & opinion shared by some of The Bright Session fans.  Of course, I favor the views which highlight my villainous character.   The diversity of opinion & artistic stylings of our fans really moves me.  

Tumblr Artist contributors;

thefigureinthecorner, Alienpodcast, XaktheDrak, PabelandNine,

I'm sooooo excited by all the Wadsworth art that exists out there! I'd love to see more.

Discord Comments courtesy of;

Regan, Cobalt, balloonwhisk, LMichaela, spicy-bunz, ineed2beabetter, Turq8//Laurin, Slauthor, mercutiglo

Would you like to read the transcript of episode #51?  Then click the photo above!

Would you like to read the transcript of episode #51?  Then click the photo above!

Taurus Awards Member

Over the past few years I've had the great fortune of attending the Taurus Awards twice as a guest.  The first time my mentor & powerhouse inspo, Angela Meryl, opened my eyes to a world I wanted to be valuable within. 

I feel so privileged that I can now call myself a voting member.

The Taurus™ award goes to the industry’s best and brightest stunt people for extraordinary performances in feature films. Selected and voted by the members of the Taurus™ World Stunt Academy, the winners are not only recognized for their contribution to the film industry, but also honored by their own peer group, the Academy members.

Dancing With Girls Music video

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.21.59 AM.png
Dancing with Girls is about the solidarity of female friendship
— Anjulie - Songwriter

I'm happily heartbroken in the name of Canadian pop star, Anjulie, whose music remains timely & powerful.

'Dancing With Girls' was release on March 1st of this year, in conjunction with International Women's Day.  I'm lucky.  I'm an intersectional woman born into the privilege of a life traveling the globe.  I've had the great fortune to live abroad for the entirety of my childhood, so I cultivated an awareness of the interconnectivity of people, regardless of race or culture.  We are creatures of Community, and I'm so impressed by how Anjulie makes that concept so easily accessible in her music.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with these smart & driven feminist creators.

Dancing With Girls is OUT NOW!

Director; Lola Blanc

Dancers; Alex Marshall-BrownAlita LaShae, and Linda Chen

Camera Op; Devin SchiroEverett Lee-Sung, and Bryce Rankins 

Wardrobe/Makeup; Cherokee Neas and Caitlyn Hastings.  Thanks for making everyone look so beautiful!

How I'mma be a skater Girl?



I've gotta admit guys, I got my motorcycle license around the same time that I bought myself a longboard for Birthmas - and I'm addicted to this BOAAARD! Once I got my soul-bound crosstown swell-hound, I proceeded to avoid death on multiple occasions. More often than not, Death awaits navigating either steep declines, or a mere crack in the sidewalk.  Other times, one can draw blood from a poorly executed pivot.  This longboard has been the grim reaper's worst nightmare & GIVES ME LYFE!!  It's every escapist fantasy I've ever dreamed of.   

My new best friend is this slab of wood! - and we GO places! 

We've gone to Venice to skate the boardwalk.  Once, we skated to a different coffee spot each morning.  We're dating.  I love her.  He's dope - we're fluid. 

Bruce Lee taught us best, 'Be Like Water.'  Now...I can surf the land!  The containers may keep changing, but I ride the wave, I ebb, I flow, & I embrace my expanse.

Up Productionz

   The devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” I whispered back, “I AM THE STORM.”  Picture credit; @gerardlalosandoval


The devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” I whispered back, “I AM THE STORM.”  Picture credit; @gerardlalosandoval


Unapologetically Present

Undeniably Powerful

Uniquely Perfect

Unbridled Play

U.P. is a collection of bold artists driven by artistic inspiration and creative need. We strive to reinvest meaning into movement and truth into storytelling. Producing content in both film and theater, U.P. celebrates difference, revels in the purity of the moment, and believes in the transformative power of story.  I'm so thrilled to join the ranks!

Stay tuned as we collaborate on some heart felt creations.

Clarity - Interview with Larry MacCannum

Clarity with Larry MacCannum.jpg

"Our civic duty as Americans is to be intrusive and tell people when they are wrong, respectfully." - Alex Marshall-Brown 

(*Listen to the episode.  Context is key)

Hear that quote and other insights from Alex in episode 4 of Clarity!

Host Larry MacCannum explores gender issues by interviewing women from various backgrounds and across different fields in the Entertainment Industry. You can send questions or comments directly to Larry at

If you enjoy the show, please write a review and share the podcast with friends!


Google Play:…

Harmonia Rosales





This woman is my Cuban American visionary source of creative inspiration.  Challenge yourself.  Find artists that inspire you to CREATE & BE someone you never saw for yourself.


Black Imaginary To Counter Hegemony

Harmonia makes a point of replacing the white male figures (the most represented) with people she believes have been the least represented. By con-temporizing the meaning behind these iconic paintings we can begin to recondition our minds to accept new concepts of human value.

This Afro-Cuban is representing black women in classical art.

The Tragedy: A Comedy - Ammunition Theatre Company


Alex Performs on Friday Dec 1st!
You could wait to get your tickets - but why do that?!!

A.  During a magic mushroom trip, three down-on-their-luck talent managers realize that they’re trapped within a tragic play – a play that must end in MURDER!

Alex is the siren they seek; their prophet, their guide!  She is the visionary with the eyes & the party supplies to send these heroes on a psychedelic trip they'll never forget.

It's a hoot.  

B.  I'm a December baby & would love to celebrate my birthday month with you!

Swing Left - Back to Reality

Imagine a world in which Democrats control the U.S. House of Representatives. Let's make it real. Join the effort at


There were several unprecedented democratic victories in the special congressional & state elections earlier this month.  Now imagine what it would look like if Democrats completely took back the House...?  We can't stop thinking about it either so, that's the future we're working toward.  Click the video above to see our vision for the future.
Many thanks to my friend Nico for directing this PSA & keeping me in his toolbox.  Shoutout to [Go Donate] and to the driven people determined to make a better life for our American community.  

Seven Moons - from The House: A HULU Halloween Anthology

Constructed from the wood of the Tree of Knowledge, The House moves through time and space, manifesting evil. Step inside its walls in this Halloween anthology series celebrating the horror storytelling tradition, from matinee chills to otherworldly terror.

In Seven Moons, the culminating piece in this anthology, a quest for fortune becomes a struggle for survival when a group of astronauts land on a harsh alien planet seeking seeds from the Tree of Knowledge.

It was an unforgettable experience when Hulu requested that I star as their captain in this sci-fi adventure thriller, Seven Moons.  There's suspense [intrigue!], MY hero's journey, & an invaluable fog machine.

The adventure does not end here.  Experience the story behind the astronauts' mission & explore a different planetary perspectives as you step inside The House's VR Extension,

The Tower.

Mindy Project - Ep.608

In this Hulu original comedy, a young Ob/Gyn doctor (Mindy Kaling) balances her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small office. 

In Episode 608 I do everything in my power to maintain decorum, during one of life's least attractive moments - childbirth.

It's true.  I gave birth mid afternoon, surrounded by attentive people in a room full ofwarming lights.  A nurse dabbed my brow, others asked after my comfort, still others requested that I scream at less audible levels.  That would be the director.

It was [not the least bit] embarrassing. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 1.25.11 PM.png

The Bright Sessions S4

Wadsworth - Tumblr ZaK the Drak.jpg

Annabelle Wadsworth

I play Director Wadsworth, the intimidating director of the AM in this delightfully strange and unusual relationship-driven podcast [my debut is in Season 3, Ep.1].

We just launched Season 4 & we can't wait to envelop you in the next portion of our strange & unusual adventure!

The Bright Sessions is a scifi podcast that follows a group of uniquely talented therapy patients with abilities flirting in the realm of the supernatural. This audio narrative documents their adventures, their struggles, as well as their sessions with the mysterious yet benevolent therapist, Dr. Bright.

This is the Live Stream Q&A the Bright Sessions cast did in anticipation of Season 4!
Thank you to BGB Studio for hosting us! 


Best 2016 Podcast

by Apple iTunes, Wired Magazine, IndieWire, & Popular Science. We're also the recipient of 7 AudioVerse Awards in 5 categories.

Platform: Apple iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, + more

No Trace

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.01.50 AM.png

A year ago we shot the action film NO TRACE which follows a bank robber in cahoots with the mob.  After a successful heist, she finds herself on the run from her former detective partners. 

This is another instance of the Universe answering my action-oriented call!  I met the director, Rand Behr, at the Artemis Film Festival last year.  We figured we'd collaborate together someday.  I had no idea this meant I would rough it up with  Heroes & Preacher's very own, James Kyson!

Phenomenal update!!

No Trace will be screening at the same venue where the director and I first got acquainted!  Artemis Women in Film Festival is back this April 2018!

Artemis 2018 Poster.jpg

After the Hype - Finding Dory

BLOCKBUSTER ROUNDUP!  Finding Dory, The Legend of Tarzan, XMEN Apocalypse, Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad

Finding Dory, The Legend of Tarzan, XMEN Apocalypse, Dr. Strange, Suicide Squad

We did something a little different this episode and made a round up all of the recent blockbusters to grace the silver screen. We felt that enough has been said about these movies in podcast land and we didn’t want to devote an entire episode to any single one.

SO!!  I joined the After The Hype crew slanging my "excellent gift of gab" to help them deconstruct what worked, what didn’t work, and what tried REALLY hard to work but only got the silver star. It’s a bit episode, so let’s get started!

Alex Marshall-Brown breaks down Finding Dory and surprises us all. Check it out and see for yourself! After the Hype Is --------------------------- Bryan Dressel @WhyBryanWhy Ryan James | @ohfuckryanjames Jonathan Hardesty | @movieguyjon Chewie Darsow @chewienine Outro Music "The Alcoholic Blues" by Vernon Dalhart


Timeswimmers, this standalone Ars Paradoxica extras episode, is a nostalgic delight into lunacy.

You time swam into an asinine slice of a childhood you didn’t know you were nostalgic for.  Starring ME as Badass 20 Dollar Tubman.


Timeswimmers, a rollicking new adventure from the people who bring you ars Paradoxica & The Koch Brothers Mystery Show!

WARNING: This episode is ridiculous, and contains Cartoon Mischief (including some gore, some waterboarding, and some cancer jokes).


Be Strong.    Be Fit.    Be Fierce.    Be WOMAN. 

Proud to be part of this feminist REI ad!!

I SHOULD be whomever I craft myself to be.
So should you.

This is what a force of nature looks like.

To Tell the Truth


Hosted by Anthony Anderson, To Tell The Truth is an anarchic and funny re-imagination of the beloved, game show of the same name. 

In each round a panel of celebrities are presented with three people who all claim to be the same person with the same incredible talent, job, or achievement.  However, two of the three are allowed to lie.  
Can the celebrities suss out which participant among them has come To Tell the Truth?

~Season 2 Episode 7